About the Meterbolic Project

In brief, the Meterbolic project was established to enable home and point of care (POC) measurements of metabolic markers that are not currently available for a broad audience. As the need for analyzing and interpreting data has emerged along with measurements, a more extensive metabolic analytics and visualization service was conceptualized. Whether using devices recommended and provided by Meterbolic or sticking to your already working solution, data can be plugged into the same analytics service, and interpretation extracted.

Following the generation of larger and larger scale data, it will also be possible to find patterns in e.g. lifestyle factors and how these correlate with improving or deteriorating metabolic health.

Already at the conception of the Meterbolic project, our intention was that along with increasing inflow of measurements, the generated data could serve a good cause in that timing of measurements could be fine-tuned and more accurate indices be developed. Current clinical practice fails to diagnose people at early stages of metabolic disease. This is partly due to the single fasting measures typically used, and partly the result of trying to save on measurement costs where it makes little sense to do so. Not only fasting insulin is still a rare metric, but post-load (postprandial, PP) glucose (and of course insulin) also falls into this category.

At Meterbolic we strive to make more useful measurements available at the point of care (PoC) and even at home settings. We strongly believe that PP data points are more useful in the early diagnosis of metabolic deterioration. Beyond glucose and insulin, following lipid metabolism in the PP phase can provide additional depth of information.

Even though the precise indices that provide optimal insight/cost ratios are still under development, it is clear from day one that there are low hanging fruits that could easily be harvested by just applying already available information from recent research.

Another research area that could potentially yield useful outcomes is the re-analysis of basic metabolic research. Again, clinical practice can be decades behind research findings, while there is a general lack of theoreticians in the molecular biology of metabolism, pulling together recently obtained knowledge on the interaction between food, the microbiota, and host physiology, including the immune system. Our priority is to support such ambitious scientists by connecting them, providing them data, and hopefully, also funding in the longer term.

After the above goals are realized, the output is expected to draw attention to unexplored or underexplored areas of research that could also be funded by the foundation behind the project.

If you would like to be part of this mission and to not only benefit from the services the project offers and plans to offer, but to also support the efforts and bringing these solution to suffering masses in developing countries, please subscribe to become an early adopter. We can make our visions come true only together.

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Gabor Erdosi

Gabor Erdosi

Sunday, March 1, 2020
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