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My Metabolic Story

I have always struggled with my weight my whole life, I did every diet you can think of until 2007 I heard about Keto. Consequently, through Keto, I lost 10st in weight and felt great. I had PCOS with irregular periods and they returned back to normal and mentally I felt so much better. Although I was morbidly obese, I’m still classed as overweight but I still struggle to loose the last bit of my weight.

In my early 20s and early 30s I did insulin resistant tests which both showed that I was resistant. They were not full assays, but just a quick snapshot of what’s going on (which to me didn’t really give a full story). As I’m a bit geeky with numbers I heard that Dr Donal Collins was  doing the full Kraft test.

Dashboard viewable here

Donal was great, he explained it fully to me and how and why at certain points it would go up and down and compared it to an insulin sensitive result to see the difference. Unfortunately it still shows that I’m insulin resistant but it validates to me that I should still be Keto/ low carb as I was wondering if I could allow for more.

Not only has this given me great insight into my own body but has educated me further in my role as a nurse practitioner with my own patients. It has given me a better understanding of what potentially could be happening to others when they struggle to lose weight.

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Donal Collins

Donal Collins

Monday, May 24, 2021
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