Post Gestational Diabetes


Kraft Curve on a 39 year who had 2 episodes of Gestational diabetes, now having difficulty losing weight, despite being on a low calorie diet for 6 months.

She has some male pattern thinning of hair. No medical conditions and no medications. Strong Family history of Type 2DM, Ischaemic heart disease and peripheral vascular disease. HBA1C is 35mMol/Mol Waist Circumference is 101cm, weight 86.9Kgs, height 170.5cm, body fat 47.3%, visceral fat 8%, muscle mass 22.3%, BP averages 110/73 no postural drop.


Current diet is 1600 calories per day, porridge, fruit, protein bars, sweet potatoes, lots of pre made meals with flavourings and sauces added. Potatoes, Rice every other day. Feels hungry most of day and snacking frequently to control. She is keen to know if she is insulin resistant, so we performed a Kraft curve measurement.

Plan is for cheesy omelettes, and several recipes for meat with creamy sauces with snacks if needed 0r cooked edam slices or pork rinds for snacks. We will check response in four months.

Comments of the Patient

Here are patient's comments after a day of reflection post-test:

“Brilliant thanks so much! I can’t express just how grateful I am to you for yesterday’s consultation. I finally have peace of mind that firstly I’m not ‘failing’ to lose weight but secondly, I can now take control and create better health for myself and my kids now I understand what’s going on in my body. Thank you 🙏”

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Donal Collins

Donal Collins

Monday, July 12, 2021
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